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Creator’s File 2021

© MomokaFurukawahara

No.36 FURUKAWAHARA Momoka Animator/Illustrator

FURUKAWAHARA Momoka was born in 1998, and graduated from Tokyo Zokei University with a major in animation in 2020. Her graduation piece, “The mark of Emi,” has won awards at multiple competitions, including the JAAP International Short Film Festival, the New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival, the Japan Media Arts Festival, ISCA2020 and the Campus Genius Contest. She currently works as an animator and a “full power” illustrator.

© 2020 MomokaFurukawahara
© 2020 MomokaFurukawahara
© 2020 MomokaFurukawahara
24th Animation Division New Face Award
The mark of Emi
2020 / Animated Short Film / 04:05
Production: FURUKAWAHARA Momoka
Effect Supervision: OKAMURA Masaaki
MA: Aoi Studio
Guidance: MORI Masaaki, KIFUNE Tokumitsu, KOIDE Masashi, WADA Toshikatsu, WAKAMI Arisa

FURUKAWAHARA animates the whole film by hand with black and red pencils for an emphasis on softness. She hopes viewers enjoy the layout, which uses a lot of white space to express an airy feeling.
The story is based on FURUKAWAHARA’s memories of puberty. She hopes the film gives viewers that shy, awkward feeling of youth deep in their hearts.

Other Works

© 2019 MomokaFurukawahara
The hole
2019 / Animated Short Film / 02:49

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