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No.37 ITOH Keisuke VR Animation Director

ITOH Keisuke is a VR animation director. He graduated from Tama Art University’s Department of Graphic Design. After working as a graphic designer for a manufacturing company, he became a freelance CGI artist in 2012. In 2019, his VR animation “Feather” premiered at the 76th Venice International Film Festival in the Biennale College Selection as the first Japanese film in the VR category. In 2020, his “Beat” was nominated in the competition section of the same festival. In addition, his works have been screened at numerous film festivals, including the Berlin International Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, and SIGGRAPH.

© 2020 WOWOW / CinemaLeap
© 2020 WOWOW / CinemaLeap
© 2020 WOWOW / CinemaLeap
2020 / VR Animation / 12:00
Director: ITOH Keisuke
Producer: MACHIBA Katsutoshi
Producer: FUJIOKA Hiroko
Assistant Producer: OHASHI Tetsuya
Original Music: MORISHITA Yui
Technical Support: HASHIMOTO Yutaka
Haptics Supervisor: ANDO Hideyuki
Production Company: WOWOW × Cinemaleap

“Beat” is a story elaborated from your “Heart.” You can experience the work with your heart in your hands. First, you encounter a rusted robot, absolutely static. He doesn’t have a “heart” that allows him to move. You can grant him a new heart by putting yours in the robot. He then stands up and starts to move, expressing joy to live out all his strength. However, when he meets new robots, he doesn’t know how to communicate properly. It is a story in which you can realize the power of the heart and the importance of emotional connection with others.

Other Works

2019 / VR Animation / 12:00
2013 / Animated Short Film / 03:19

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