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No.39 KODAMA Tetsuro Animation Director/Art Director

KODAMA Tetsuro began making films after being inspired by “Cannon Fodder,” the third segment of the OTOMO Katsuhiro film Memories. He works as the head of ECHOES.Ltd, regularly creating original short animated films. His goal is to someday win an award—any award!—at one of the world’s four major animation festivals.

24th JMAF Animation Division Jury Selections
2020 / Animated Short Film / 05:30
Production: ECHOES.Ltd
Director: KODAMA Tetsuro
Sound: MOCHIZUKI Kumiko
Animation: Takaaki, Asuna, IKEDA Atsushi, SAYAMA Ryuki, SHIMOZAKI Yukari
Music: NAKAHASHI Takaaki
Cast: TAKEUCHI Ryota

A still, white space expands as far as the eye can see. A man who's lost his memory awakens. An enormous door stands before him, and there's an old temple in the distance. The building seems to be calling to him, and the man approaches it. There's an old piano there. The moment he touches it, horrifying memories return.
An original work created by ECHOES, represented by KODAMA Tetsuro. Production was started with the goal of creating a film that had a “confusing plot, but would be visually appealing.” Eventually, it eclipsed that original idea, with the scenario and storyboards constantly being refined and the film being created using trial and error over a period of 3.5 years.

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