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Creator’s File 2021

© Shinichiro Okae

No.42 OKAE Shinichiro Animator/Musician

Born in 1985 in Kagoshima Prefecture, OKAE Shinichiro is an animator, filmmaker and musician who often focuses on discomfort and perspectives of doubt hidden in everyday life. OKAE is involved in various activities such as presenting videos, live music and video performances, making educational TV programs and music video production.

© Shinichiro Okae
© Shinichiro Okae
© Shinichiro Okae
24th JAMF Entertainment Division Jury Selections
2019 / Animated Short Film, Music Video / 04:23
Production: OKAE Shinichiro
Director: OKAE Shinichiro
Sound Design, Mixing, Editing: OKAE Shinichiro
Producer: Executive Committee of Aichi Triennale
Lyrics Translation: Matt SCHLEY, Jason MOSES

This video was created as guidance for a group appreciation learning program as part of the Aichi Triennale 2019. It was created to convey how to spend time in the museum, precautions, how to appreciate art, and the history of the museum, all in a concise and educational way.
Unlike conventional guidance videos, which can often be uninteresting, this video conveys manners in a fun and easy to understand way using music and animation.

Other Works

© Shinichiro Okae
2020 / Animated Short Film / 04:26
© Shinichiro Okae
Brewing Dining
2021 / Animated Short Film / 06:30

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