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Creator’s File 2021

No.43 SATO Junichi Director

SATO Junichi was born in 1960. In the 1990s, he worked on a large number of titles, including famous series for young children and girls such as Sailor Moon, Yume no Crayon Okoku, and Ojamajo Doremi. Currently, he is involved in new original works from planning to production. Recent projects include Tamayura (creator, director, story editor), Aria the Animation (director, story editor), Sgt. Frog (executive director) and Kaleido Star (creator, director).

© MUGE Production Committee
© MUGE Production Committee
© MUGE Production Committee
24th JMAF Animation Division Excellence Award
A Whisker Away
2020 / Animated Feature Film / 105:00
Starring: SHIDA Mirai, HANAE Natsuki, OGI Hiroaki, YAMADERA Kouichi
Directors: SATO Junichi, SHIBAYAMA Tomotaka
Screenwriter: OKADA Mari
Theme Song: “Ghost In A Flower” by Yorushika (Universal J)
Planning: Twin Engine
Production Studio: Studio Colorido
Animation Production: MUGE Production Committee

The second full-length film from Studio Colorido, the studio behind Penguin Highway.
SASAKI Miyo is a cheerful, energetic middle school girl. Her odd actions cause her classmates to dub her Miss Ultra Gaga and Enigmatic, or “Muge” for short. But in truth, she cares deeply about those around her, and suppresses her own feelings. Muge wants to get closer to her classmate HINODE Kento, but her friendly “surprise attacks” each morning aren’t winning him over. What’s more, Muge has a secret she can’t tell anyone.

Other Works

© Toei / Toei Animation
Looking for Magical Doremi
2020 / Animated Feature Film / 91:00
© 2020 Kozue Amano / MAG Garden, ARIAcompany All Rights Reserved
2020 / Animated Feature Film / 60:00

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